dear diary,

I’m currently watching National Treasure while writing this blog. Good thing I’m a girl and can multitask. I can write you a proper life update while intensely watching Nicolas Cage search for treasure. I tell ya, if I wasn’t doing what I was doing, I would so be a treasure hunter. Heck, maybe God will put treasure hunting in His will for me??

Anyways… This past week has been amazing. We had John & Helen Burns from Relate Church in Vancouver at our Church this past weekend. John spoke at Adore. He shared on relationships, seriously good stuff. You can listen to it here. Helen spoke at our Dream Women event on Monday night. She has some serious wisdom! Such an inspirational woman. She really challenged us to rise up and open our hands, mouth & heart & do what God wants us to do.

This week was also the last week of the fast. Incredible things God has been teaching me. Wow, I shared with a few close ones this week that it’s an amazing thing when you can look back and see how God has shaped you as you come to know Him more. I think of different opinions I used to have, different strongholds, different views…they’ve changed, I’ve changed…it’s a good thing, a real good thing.

Just the other day I read…

"Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” -Isaiah 64:8

I was reminded how he continually is shaping us in who he wants us to become. As we grow in our relationship with him, we can’t help but take on his characteristics.

I can’t wait to meet the 40 year old me who will have walked with her maker for 22 years. And then the 50 year old me, and then the 60 year old me…

Oh Jesus, continue to shape me.

over & out,