I can see clearly now, because i got new glasses with the correct prescription!  (Yes, I sang that line to the tune of I can see clearly now the rain is gone. Yes, I’m a weirdo.)

So if you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that the dang people who made my glasses two years ago MESSED up my prescription. For almost TWO YEARS, I had been wearing glasses which were reading glasses INSTEAD of ones for distance. The eye doctor put it this way…”Instead of making bad vision better, your old glasses made good vision great.”…which I guess is good? I’m really not too phased. You live & learn. So now I have reading glasses for work and my new glasses for driving at night, reading the screens at church, being able to read the tv listings, watching movies, actually seeing people from across the room, reading street signs… 

It’s a beautiful thing when you can FINALLY see clearly. And when you paid $14.95 for it too. Yaaah, I snagged those beauties from Clearly Contacts…(ps. they’re having another free glasses day on February 2nd!)

Another new thing in my life is that beautiful hat. There were a few factors that made this transaction happen. 1. I had been pinning hats like these for awhile. 2. The fashionista inside of me was screaming for a hat like this. 3. I found it at BCBG. 4. IT WAS ON SALE!!! 5. Rachel told me to buy it. 6. I checked my budget and had some extra spending money. 7. Scored the dreamboat!

PhotoCred: Mr. James Liira

Hope you had an amazing weekend and have a happy Monday!