sooooo the other day, I was showing someone my sweet as coldplay bracelet….

..oh, yah i went to was AMAZING…like..pee your pants AMAZING…Chris Martin is insane. Seriously, he sweats passion. Opened with Hurts Like Heaven…and all the while the entire arena was sparkling with LIGHT UP BRACELETS!!..anyways right after he played IN MY PLACE, if you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know that is my ultimate fave coldplay song…my heart was exploding….and just when I thought it couldn’t get better…CONFETTI fell from the sky. (Can coldplay puuhllleeze produce Illuminate next year?) They blew me away…played every single favourite song..and to top it off showed some beautiful humility. I highly recommend seeing these guys one day.

oh yes, back to the opening sentence…

So I was showing my friend Jason how you can light up the coldplay bracelet by inserting a paper clip into the plastic part (everyone received a bracelet at the door and they lit up to the music…sooo magnificent!) and all of a sudden the bracelet stayed on!!! (Which apparently never happens because they can only be lit up by a satellite. So I was able to relive it all at church on Sunday ha….anyways

Wedding plans are going AMAZING! God has seriously, seriously been blessing us…like blowing out of the water blessing us. We finally found a ceremony location which is beyond beautiful (which is another miracle in itself). I found gorgeous peach flower girl dresses…isn’t Eden such a little dreamboat? (tip- if you have a summer/fall wedding, look for flower girl dresses post Easter. They’re gorgeous and 50% off!) We’ve started working on invitations and hope to have those bad boys out by mid-May. I’m not stressed at all (well sometimes I get a little stressed but then the amazing man I’m marrying brings me back to reality).

Vancouver two weekends ago was amazing. Sunday was a dream come true. A whole day with James is a rare occurrence these days. Breakfast with our friends Tiffany & Roman. Shopping with our good friend Courtney. Frolicking at English Bay. Dinner at Stephos (insanely amazing Greek food!!) Short hangout with Mahkeela. Then catching the ferry home. I loved every single second…mainly because time wasn’t really an issue (except for catching the necessary ferry).

We’ve started reading Real Marriage by Mark & Grace Driscoll.  I highly recommend this to all you single, dating & married folk. Such, such, such good stuff and I’m only on chapter 3!

oh and another exciting thing happened recently…MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED!!!! Congratulations to Catrina & Mike!!!!!

stay gold,