Today I leave for LIFEWOMEN CONFERENCE. I am beyond excited.

Like, over the moon, seriously stoked, excited.

I’ve been planning my outfits for days. Literally, days. I am dressed to be BLESSED! I’m excited to eat cupcakes, to be as girly as possible, to talk about wedding plans and to laugh with sisters but most of all I’m excited to have my heart stirred, to be refreshed, to be blessed.

I experienced my first women’s conference at 18 in London, England. Little ol, 18 year old me ventured across central London to Wembley Arena to Hillsong Colour Conference. At that point, I didn’t know a single soul in the church but I still went. I’m thanking Jesus for instilling such courage in 18 year old me because there I had my first taste of true sisterhood.

Fast forward 7 years (aggghhh I am getting so old!) and here I am, ready to bring a group of women from my church to experience this sisterhood goodness.

As women we are do-ers. We serve, serve, serve. Sometimes we rarely have a chance to take a rest. Well this weekend, I plan on resting (and working a bit too ha). I plan on getting filled. I plan on getting refreshed. I plan on dreaming with women from my church for our city. I plan on getting inspired. I plan on hearing from God in new and unique ways. I AM BEYOND EXCITED.

off to quickly pack!