Well, the time has come friends.

This is the final night I’ll be sleeping in the house my sister & I have lived in for the past (almost) two years.

It’s been a heck of a beauty not living at home. I’ve been paying rent like a big girl. Moving out of pop’s place helped me mature and get a more realistic point of view on life.

I loved heaps & heaps of things about this house, but here are a couple…

1. Location. Vic West (the non-sketchy part) is actually a pretty decent neighbourhood. I loved going for runs along the Gorge, and there is a gorgeous park just minutes from here!

2. The kitchen. My sister & I truly found our love for baking in this place. Oh, the counter tops! Oh, the cupboard space! We spent many a times baking away. Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter inside with peanut butter cream cheese icing. Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins. Candy Cane Biscotti. Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes. Cookies & Cream cupcakes (my personal favourite). Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars. Homemade hot cocoa mix. Oreo Cheesecake Bars. Black Forest Cupcakes. (All these recipes are from my fave, Annies Eats) mmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

But, it’s time to move on….as you know, I’m getting married to the most incredible man in the world in 56 days…and in VERY EXCITING NEWS…we found our first place!!

It’s stunning. The top floor of an old character house. It’s huge with original hard wood and my favourite part, a private deck off the bedroom!! I’m beyond excited that we found it and it’s good to go..now it’s just waiting until August 1st, when I’ll move in! So excited to have sleepovers with all my girlfriends and turn the place into a wedding craft workshop..ha. I can’t wait to give y’all a home tour!!!!

Until then I’m going back to pops house..which is totes fine because a.it gives me a more delayed move in to the new house and b. i’m away for half of July at camps!

well, back to cleaning..