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Sometimes you just got to pause and reflect.


Praise the Lord that there is more on pinterest than time consuming DIYS that you may never get around to. For the record, I have total faith that you’ll get around to all of those DIYS you post :) 

But, I am so thankful to see these beautiful truths being repined.

It’s a blessing and a half to be perusing pinterest in the middle of a crazy day and then all of a sudden, see God’s word beautifully presented.

God’s word is alive and active. It’s filled with hope, filled with truth to cling to, to hold on to. My hero, Beth Moore (the best Bible teacher EVER!) once shared that she has a set of scripture cards that she carries around in her purse. Whatever season she’s currently going through, whether it’s a season of blessing, joy, waiting, trial, anguish, etc, she prays and searches God’s word for verses that encourage her. After the season is done, she puts that set of verses away and stores them for down the road when she needs encouragement in that season again! Brilliant.

One day I’ll make a set of verses on cue cards but until then I’ll repin them to my SELAH board.

Here are some verses that God’s been speaking to me lately..

images & graphics by me!