oh 2012, you were a gooder.

yes, i’m aware that we’re now well into 2013 but before i can run ahead, i want to glance behind.

as i look back on 2012 i look upon my best but hardest year. but are years really any good if there isn’t any overcoming? if there isn’t any surrendering? if there isn’t any dying to yourself? no, i didn’t think so.

what i can say at the end of it is, God is faithful and soooo good. this past year i have come to know God’s faithfulness like no other.

in 2012 i made the best decision of my life thus far (besides surrendering my life to Jesus, duh!) and said yes when james peter liira got down on one knee and proposed on march 20th (you can read about that story here)

august 24th, 2012 was truly the best day of my life as i married the man of my dreams.

it was absolutely perfect. my absolutely favourite moment of the day (besides the kiss) was when james surprised me…i was busy chatting to friends and then all of a sudden i hear his voice through the mic. he’s on stage with a guitar and starts to sing me a song he wrote for me…and he also secretly recorded the song a few days before the wedding so logan could add it to the video (thank you to everyone who was involved with that!)

so here it is…(thank you so much natasha for filming and logan for editing this beauty!!! you guys are true gems!!!)

so enjoy!

and happy new year! may 2013 be your best yet!!!