so, i started writing a post about my one word for 2013 but then i thought, oh man i should really reflect on my one word for 2012 first.

one word-

you can read about picking one word here. i was inspired to have one word define your year. not a list of resolutions but one word. so last january i prayed and felt God lead me to one word for 2012. the word was bold. i blogged about it here.

“God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible.” -2 Timothy 7 MESSAGE 

in 2012 i faced a lot of things that took some boldness.

i had the privilege to speak on 4 occasions on the topic of purity. a topic that was one of the last things i wanted to speak on. but God took me on a journey and showed me the importance of obeying Him and the importance of purity. over 400 girls heard that same message. God also made me bold enough to speak on purity to girls & guys at a conference in edmonton.

i prayed for some boldness as i stepped out of my comfort zone and applied to be a volunteer youth worker at the blanshard community centre (my first shift is tomorrow, yeaaah!)

i made two big, bold, decisions with 3 words… yes & i do.

i became a wife. :)

i threw out my ridiculous expectations of marriage and clung boldly to Jesus. 

and in the last month of 2012 i saw a bold lioness arise in me. my friend christina (who blogs beautifully here) wrote about how wive’s are needed to be strong, strong like lions. so i prayed for Jesus to make me strong and bold like a lioness.

2012 turned out to be my best year yet as i boldly went where i haven’t been before (with much help from my God, who is full of endless patience and goodness). 

over & out,