weddings have been trending in my family the past three years. two years ago my brother married the lovely, emy. last year it was me. and this year it was catrina’s turn. 

(at catrina’s bachelorette!)

catrina married her sweetheart, mike this past saturday. they had the ceremony & reception in a beautiful suite at the victoria regent hotel. the suite has a beautiful deck that overlooks the inner harbour and can fit 40 people in it! it’s perfect for a small wedding. 

catrina was a stunning bride (no surprise there). and mike was looking dashing in his vera wang suit. their love was absolutely radiant. i am beyond the moon, so excited for them :) here are a few pics from the big day!


(sisters!! my dress is from topshop, incase you’re wondering!)

(they chatted through the door minutes before the ceremony…what a sweet moment!)


(pops giving catrina away to her groom, look at her gorgeous bouquet!!)


(mr. & mrs. hitchinson)


(the incredible wedding cake made by Rachel~Cakes)

(food baby from the incredible food, fyi we are NOT pregnant, ha)

(me and my handsome husband)

gosh i love weddings. i’m so happy for catrina. what’s pretty crazy is we both started dating our husbands within weeks of each other (we were both single for a long time before ha!!) hope you enjoyed the pics.