we have a sundeck right off our bedroom. it’s one of my favourite parts of our apartment. it’s always sunny and conveniently there are giant bushes infront of it (keeps creeper neighbours away). 

this year i decided to become a gardener plant a couple plants and not kill them. so before i could plant a plant, i’d need a cute looking pot. so lo and behold, a diy for you all!

fyi this is the easiest diy ever. 

supplies needed: terracotta pot, paint, brushes, tape

1. get a pot…i recommend scouring your grandma’s backyard (that’s where i found mine)

2. clean pot

3. use tape to protect the part where you don’t want to paint

4. paint away 

5. let dry and hurrrah, a cute little pot to plant your fave plant!

isn’t our avocado plant amazing? my friend becca grew it from a pit and then gifted it to us on’s grown so big and i haven’t managed to kill it yet (fingers crossed)

i’m planning on planting tomatoes in the other pot and then maybe i’ll attempt a little herb garden..

as a newbie gardener i’d love any tips you can offer!!

stay gold,