Dearest Diary,

So last night I said goodbye to a few things.. a hot dog, galaxy bar (thank you so much lauren for giving me that!!) & a blizzard…

The wedding is in less than 3 months, LESS THAN 3 MONTHS PEOPLE and I want to be in the best shape of my life… so I had to kick a few bad habits…no sweets, no chocolate, no chips, no crap fast food for the next three months! (except I’m allowed to eat cake on birthdays, and sweets at my bridal shower..I know, but i’ll go cray cray cray if i don’t have a bite all summer long!) James is going to hold be accountable, it’s going to be so hard (I literally eat chocolate every single day) but I CAN DO IT!

Tonight me and my besties (Rach & Thea) will be heading to the gym to be trained by our good friend, Greg. We’re going to die. Straight up.

This weekend is going to be a busy one..working today, cleaning my house, gym, working tomorrow, church picnic, art show, maybe oak bay tea party fireworks?, babysitting my nephew sunday, then church….yowza!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!