Just a couple snapshots from the weekend…sooooo I reallllly, reallllly want to get an iPhone but my contract isn’t up yet with my blackberry and my fiancé is trying to convince me to wait for the 5…or as he said it “I’ll get the 5 and then you can have my 4s!” HA, YA RIGHT JAMES.

Just a couple things that I did this weekend…

The gym Friday night killed me and my besties…for reals.(Our friend Greg trained us…he wasn’t even that brutal on us and we could barely walk yesterday!)

But we’re buying a pass and going back tonight! We’re committed to going once a week and then running 2x on top of that…wooohoooo! Hello OWDB (Operation Wedding Dress Body)

Church picnic on Saturday was delightful! I heart my church family.

I took my sweet lil nephew to gymnastics on Sunday morning. He’s getting oh, so big! I can’t believe he’s turning 5 in July!

Sunday afternoon, James & I drove around tracking down numbers of places for rent…I’m going to move into our place August 1st! (If you know of any sweet pads available, let me know!!!) Ohhhh I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to decorate this place that will belong to me and my HUSBAND!

We start out marriage counselling this Wednesday….sooo excited!

Hope you had a beauty weekend