this past weekend james + i had the pleasure of adventuring to saltspring island. i had gone to saltspring as a young girl for soccer games but that was it. we didn’t get to see a ton of it, but what we did see was awesome. as i said on friday, we left for saltspring to stay the weekend at a friend’s cabin.

the cabin was sooo cute. rustic-chic. all wooden with a wood stove + a loft bedroom. it was a dream..and the view..oh the view…talking about it won’t do it justice.

that picture definitely doesn’t do it justice. it was magical. so very magical. we had a delightful weekend of feasting (my goodness we ate a lot of food!), playing many, many rounds of boggle, exploring around the island (loved the hippie market), listening to chronicles of narnia (bbc did an incredible recording of all the books, i highly recommend listening to them!) + resting.

rest was exactly what we needed and it has fuelled me for the week ahead. i’m very excited to practice sabbath living weekly.

so funny about this picture above… that morning james prayed that we would see crazy wildlife. we pulled over at this stop because of the cute historic buildings and then all of a sudden all these turkeys waddled towards james. they ventured right up to him, it was so crazy!

saturday afternoon we went into ganges and discovered that ice cream was on sale…i’m a girl who loves the sales, so i couldn’t resist! we caught the last day the shop was open! the owner closes up shop for the winter months and heads down to palm springs..what a life. ice cream was $1 (ridiculously tiny scoops though) and all candy was 50% off. ice cream + pop rocks..why not? deliciousness. 

we also drank a lot of coffee. overall it was incredible.

hope your weekend was just as fabulous.

tonight we’re celebrating james’ parents 25th wedding anniversary. so incredible! + then i’ll be making butternut squash soup…i’ll let you know how it goes.