it’s fall. i love it. i love it. i love it.

i love leaves.

i love mist.

i love scarves.

i love pumpkin anything.

i love grey skies. i love it all.

oh, and i love halloween. 

around halloween i get the urge to watch hocus pocus (best halloween movie) and eat lots of candy corn. 

i also get the urge to listen to halloween music. this really isn’t halloween music but it really is halloween music. it’s not labelled as a typical halloween song but it’s spooky and talks about your body being a zombie.

have a listen…

My Body’s A Zombie For You by Dead Man’s Bones on Grooveshark

spooktacular hey? and believe it or not, one of the voices singing is the ryan gosling. yeah, THE RYAN GOSLING. 

so if you were a single girl circa 2009 and your bestie lived in vancouver you’d totally pay money to see a really, really crappy band just because ryan gosling was in it?


here’s how it went down…

inside our heads- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!noah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!it’s him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

outward appearance- oh sweet, i love this band, yep, total fan.

one of my friends, who shall not be named, went extremely kinda ballistic . it was really cute.

inside our heads- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omgeee!!!!!he’s totally looking at me!!!!!!!!!!!

outward appearance- ohh, i love this song, it’s my fave. (doesn’t know any lyrics)

inside our heads- !!!! i’m so jealous that those stupid 13 year old get to stand so close to my future husband!!!!!

outward appearance- how artsy and unique of them, to use a children’s choir

happy wednesday!