our conference speaker, joyce rees (who was absolutely incredible) spoke on sabbath living at our women’s breakfast on sunday.

sabbath. rest. i really wish i had my notes in front of me so i could reference them. but what i can remember is sabbath is for resting. sabbath is supposed to be good and fun, anything but work. sabbath is like a holiday (holy day) not a vacation (vacating somewhere). sabbath is a gift not a curse. sabbath can include feasting, ceasing, resting, + rejuvenation. now doesn’t this sound good?

she encouraged us to practice sabbath for a full 24 hour period. she also gave some suggestions for sabbath…enjoy God’s creation (going for nature walks), spending time with God but also spending time with your spouse/family/friends, eating good food, listening to stories, reading, etc …she said sabbath should be a day of NO OBLIGATIONS. that stuck with me.

so james + i are off to saltspring for a sabbatical weekend. we’re very excited to have no obligations, to turn off our phones + have no distractions or demands that would be sucking our attention.

i’m excited to rest in God, to dream, to get lost on an island where i don’t know a soul, to light a fire + cuddle up with my love. ohhhh, it’s going to be fun.

so in a few hours i’ll be signing off. the phone will be turned off + i will be unreachable. yipppeeee.