hey future brides, pinterest people, crafters, etc.

i’m going to start showing you some DIYs from my wedding! we were able to save a BUNCH of $$ doing a heck of a lot of DIY. if you plan on doing a lot of DIY for your wedding that is AWESOME! my only advice is, don’t do it if you’re not an organized person! if you aren’t..get a wedding planner. your bridesmaids + friends will be thankful. 

anyways…so the first one i’d like to show you is…

i knew for a long time that i wanted birdies for cake toppers. i didn’t make the cake toppers until a couple days before the wedding. (i know!)  i had a lot of projects on the go that i actually forgot about them. thankfully, it was a super easy project (+ cheap!)

supplies needed: two birds (i found mine from michaels, i believe they were about $5 for both), spray paint (i used gold because it was an accent colour, mine was from walmart), tiny pearl necklace (i used an old pear headband from h&m), fabric for bow + veil, glue gun.

1. spray paint bird desired colour. most birds come multi-colour. if you want to leave them those ugly colours then do so. i picked gold because we spray painted a lot of other things gold. leave them to dry for a few hours.

2. cut out veil + bow tie + glue gun on.

3. glue on pearls

4. doneskies! 

total cost of project- less than $10 !

yep, i told you it was easy. and i think they looked pretty cute. we have them sitting above our bedroom door frame. 

how cute was our cake + cupcakes? cake was made by Rachel Cakes + cupcakes were from Jennie Cakes + they tasted PHENOMENAL! 

over n out,


photo cred: AMERIS