our church just finished up the 21 day challenge. basically it was 21 days to fast and pray. 21 days to start the new year right by focusing in on Jesus. 21 days to hone in and cut distractions. 21 days to pray intentionally.

some fast food (or certain foods). some fast media. i did a bit of both.

one thing i noticed was how much i was addicted to social media..(and i don’t even have an iPhone..yet!) 

i kind of cut back on twitter before the fast solely due to the fact that my blackberry would die after 30 seconds of reading tweets. what bugged me the most was my desire to read twitter before i go to bed and first thing when i wake up. 

i ended up having to hide the twitter app from my apps folder. you wouldn’t believe the number of times my fingers would subconsciously wander to that folder…freaky deaky man.

so i stopped reading tweets, i tweeted every once in awhile. instead of waking up and reading twitter, i’d force myself out of bed to read the Bible.

now that the fast is over, i thought my desire to read twitter would instantly come back…but to my surprise, it didn’t. i even ended up un-following a bunch of people who i have never met in person yet was connected to their world through twitter…(kind of freaky deaky when you think of it)

i’ve set some ground rules though…if the desire decides to creep back up.

1. no twitter when i wake up…i will not waste minutes reading through tweets when i could spend those minutes being refreshed, filled, sustained by my Lord.

2. no twitter in bed…my night-time routine should be talking to my husband not reading tweets.

3. no scrolling through twitter when i’m sitting down with people…this means when we go out for coffee, i will not go on twitter. this means when i’m out with a group of people at a restaurant, i will not go on twitter. if i’m with human beings where i’m supposed to be listening or speaking…i will not go on twitter!

what are your views on twitter? you still in loooooove? time-waster? beneficial to you? lemme know!