i’m italian and i’m not ashamed.

i’m passionate. i love soccer. sometimes i yell. i like to use my hands when i talk. i grew up drinking chinotto.

and i grew up eating gnocchi.

gnocchi is my absolutely favourite pasta (besides lasagna) and want to know the most awesome thing? it is incredibly easy to make.

like really, really, really easy.

meet nana rosa.


this is my beautiful grandmother. she is 88 years old and cooks dinner every single night. 

she bakes the best pasta you’ve ever eaten and is one of the most generous people i know. she loves, loves, loves. gosh, i could go on and on about my incredible nana.

anyways, i told her i was having 8 girls over for dinner and needed to make gnocchi and she said no problem (in her very thick italian accent).

all you need for gnocchi is…

2 potatoes (boiled then mashed)

2 cups flour (+ more for rolling)

1 egg

combine mashed potatoes, flour & egg in bowl.

roll into dough.

take bits of dough and roll into long pieces (like image below)

cut into tiny pieces

roll on gnocchi board

put on tray




ohhhh, doesn’t my fancy new iphone take such beautiful photos?


boil a big pot of water and toss a few gnocchi pieces in at a time.

gnocchi cooks very quickly, (like less than 2 minutes)

sidenote- i cooked them for way to long and they went mushy (good thing i only cooked a few). i ended up cooking penne for the girls night BUT now james & i have a mad amount of gnocchi..woohoo. and it tastes amazing.