Oh, hey, hey!

This lovely DIY project was pioneered by the one and only, RACHEL STUART. She’s pretty much the coolest person you’ll ever meet.

My fiancé (eeeeeeeeeee!!!) and I have talked about having a huge chalkboard wall in our future home together. We want to make it a giant dream board/scripture wall. Hopefully we’ll find a place that will allow us to paint a wall black…(fingers crossed) But until then, I’ll just go over to Rachel’s and draw a little something something on the wall. (I drew a flag in the Robot’s hand last week!)

So it’s pretty easy to make one of these…

1. Start by prepping the wall.

2. Start rolling away the chalkboard paint. (Benjamin Moore Tips)      

3. Allow to fully dry.

4. Start drawing away! How cute are Rachel’s drawings??