Oh hey…I’M ENGAGED!!!!! was the text I sent some of my close friends on Tuesday night at 10:30pm. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! was the common response.

I can’t stop smiling. I can’t stop staring down at my left hand…the sparkling diamond reflects what’s happening in my heart..it’s SPARKLING. I get to marry the most amazing man on the planet. I get to marry the man I’ve been praying about my whole life. I get to marry James. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yesterday I couldn’t stop talking about it. Every excuse I could take about talking about my engagement, I took. Some people at Our Place must think I’m one crazy girl.

So you’ve probably come here for the story….

Tuesday was a crazy day. I spent the afternoon landscaping in the hail/rain with our City Youth City Reach team (teens who gave up their spring break to serve Victoria). I was wearing my yankees ball cap, lulu leggings, hunters and a chambray. City Reach ended that evening at 8pm and James & I had plans to visit with his good friends Roy & Lisa. I was so exhausted that I almost called James to cancel our plans..but thankfully I didn’t!

So I arrived at his house around 8:30. We had some tea and some chats before heading out to Roy & Lisa’s. Now Roy & Lisa live on this sweet property in West Saanich. There’s an old barn at the top of the property with a room with a half pipe. When we arrived there James mentioned that he thought he left his rain jacket in the barn the last time he was there. So we started to walk in the barn..I saw lights on in the half pipe room and my heart just about stopped. When we got inside my heart started sparkling to the max. There were Christmas lights and candles everywhere, a table set up with two chairs, hundreds of paper cranes hanging from the ceiling (on Valentines Day James surprised me with 5 notes with 5 paper cranes all over the city) & I LOVE YOU lettering on the wall. (The room was flipping gorgeous, it had taken him all afternoon to set it uo!) In front of the table he had set up a mic stand, amp, pedals & guitar. He had me sit down and started strumming & singing. It was magical. I couldn’t stop smiling. He even remixed a very special/hilarious song. After he sang, he dropped down on one knee in front of me, opened a little brown box and said some seriously, sweet words followed with..WILL YOU MARRY ME? I responded..YES!!!!

Best day of my life (besides meeting Jesus)!!!! I am the luckiest girl alive. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

So the journey begins…FYI I now will begin to post heaps of wedding crafts/decor/fun/etc…!

thank you, thank you, thank you to all our amazing friends & family who have sent their congratulations, support & love!! We love you so much!!!

sincerely one ecstatic bride to be,