as you probably know, i have a slight obsession with gold. all gold everything is slowly becoming one of my mottos. i also am passionate about glitter. so let’s combine the two and add some shoes to the mix and there ya go, we have gold glitter shoes.

did you know you can pretty much gold glitter anything? and it’s incredibly easy as well! just follow the steps below…  

supplies needed: shoes, sandpaper, mod podge, glitter, paint brushes, masking tape, bowl

1. sandpaper shoe if using patent leather.

2. tape off everywhere you do not want glitter!

3. mix glitter and mod podge together in a plastic bowl until a thick glittery paste has developed.

4. start painting the shoe with the mixture.

5. keep painting..

6. just keep painting…..

7. let dry. then remove tape when absolutely dry.

8. paint the bottom of your shoe with nail polish if you prefer.

9. let dry.

10. voila! glittery shoe!

couldn’t resist sneaking this little one in…

aren’t they pretty? completely transformed shoe!

ok bed time for me…we’re getting our tree tomorrow and setting up the place…sooo excited!!!!!

stay gold as always,