james and i snuck away to tofino the weekend after adore conference. it was my first time to tofino (i know!!) you’d think after living on this island for 26 years, i would have experienced this gem of a place but noooooope.

on the drive up we started listening to the final instalment of the chronicles of narnia. those audiobooks have been incredible and saved us on viciously long drives on our californian road trip last april. the drive up was stunning and not as windy as i thought it would be (praise the Lord!!)

we stayed at middle beach lodge and absolutely loved it. it’s incredibly rustic and right on the beach. the room was super basic but they had a lovely great room with couches and a roaring fire. oh and my favourite part? they served fresh baked cookies every night! i highly recommend the place.

we ate at shelter on our first night. such great atmosphere and amazing food (thanks for the recommendation evan!) on our second day we ate a late lunch at tacofino(mmmmmm soooo goood.) 

we fortunately found great coffee at tofino coffee co. we caught them just before they closed on saturday and it was so good that we returned the next morning before the big drive home.

it was such a relaxing weekend and just what i needed after working super hard leading up to conference. 

enjoy the pics! sorry in advance for the photo dump but tofino is just too beautiful not to share.


where’s your favourite place to stay in tofino?

happy wednesday!