oh heeeey there,

it’s currently raining outside…usually i don’t mind the ol wet stuff, but today it’s making me quite uncomfortable. It’s supposed to rain all weekend too. Which usually sucks, but this weekend I’m working at my other job, where if it rains, it gets busy so rain = $$. 

ANYWAYS…all this rain calls for one thing this weekend… CRAFTERNOON

Here’s a lovely one that I made with my besties, Rachel & Thea….


Supplies needed- 1 jar & lid, plastic toy (we got ours from the dollar store), super glue, saran wrap & paint.

1. Remove label from Jar…this can take forever! We found peanut butter to be the best agent to remove that sucker..

2. Glue the toy onto the lid.

3. Cover the top of the jar (without lid) with saran wrap then screw on lid semi-tight.

4. Paint away! Make sure you get all those little crevices! 

5. Wait until all the paint dries before you remove the saran wrap.

6. VOILA! fill it with goodies….mini pencil crayons, jelly beans, mini eggs…the possibilities are endless!



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