There are some things on earth that are just meant to be consumed. Chocolate is one of them. And chocolate chips. And marshmallows. And graham crackers. I once heard a very sad quote from Kate Moss, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Well Kate, I think these cookies taste 1000000x better. I should mail her one.

I had a girls night with my city youth small group girls. We squished into my teensy living room to catch up on life, watch a movie, laugh and talk about boys (duh). I knew this would be the perfect night to make SMORES STUFFED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.

I did not invent this little masterpiece but found it here.

WARNING: these suckers are HUGE. Most of us could only consume half and that left us feeling extremely full.

I think I’ll try adding peanut butter to the cookie dough next time because peanut butter makes everything better.

These cookies, will win cuddles, make friends, cure heartbreaks and may send some people into cardiac arrest. BAKE WITH CAUTION.

They will basically make your life better.

you’re welcome,