So i’m a busy girl. And my boyfriend is a busy boy. Tomorrow will be 4 months. And in those 4 months, almost 6 weeks will have been long distance. Make that 7 weeks in a week. So when we have days off together, it’s a magical thing.

It was his birthday on July 28th, because he was playing at a campish thing in Saskatchewan and I was speaking at a girls camp up island, we had to celebrate on skype. We finally got to celebrate together on Monday. I planned a day of adventures, sunshine & sparkles…because sparkles make everything more fun, right?

I gave him a patch in his card which needed to be sewn into something. (On the patch is a line from one of my fav poems, I carry your heart, e.e.cummings) I didn’t tell him that something was going to be jeans which I would buy him. He was stoked. Ladies, if your man likes clothes, jeans are a good gift. Sorry it’s such a crappy photo, James took it on his flip phone…ya flip phones still exist.

We then had a delightful picnic at a little spot in Oak Bay. PHOTO DISCLAIMER: He’s not sitting there in his boxers. He’s wearing khaki coloured shorts. And we’re drinking juice…I thought the martini glasses would make the picnic more special…just in case…you were wondering….

Isn’t he a hottie? (Borrowed picnic basket from Kendal & Evan Allnutt…thanks!!)

After the picnic we had a BBQ at James’ house with his amazing family…seriously lovely times.

In other news…my clutch died :( I finally got my car back today. Very, very, hard thing handing over a huge amount of money…I could have purchased Louboutins, TWO Marc bags…oh man.

The plus side of it all was getting some exercise running to work, walking places & taking the bus with my sweetheart.

a little gem we discovered on the Gorge…

Tomorrow is Ivor’s birthday! (He has the same birthday as James..crazy!) We’re going to a local beach to have a picnic…and there will be a pinata!! Then my good friend is having a pool party, oh and I’ll finally get to see James again briefly before he heads off for another week leading worship in Van…life is insane…but more beautiful. Tonight I miraculously am spending the night alone at home. I got some cleaning to do and hopefully will get some work done on my novel (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Love you to the moon and back,