If you’re on pinterest or have read any beauty blogs lately, you’ve probably been introduced to the beloved sock bun. This little bugger kept popping up all over my life and at first I was like, "give me some space…you’re too hard to accomplish…i can’t understand that russian girl on that youtube tutorial…" but then a co-worker explained it in detail and I got it. You know when you just get it?  Hot diggity dog, I got it.

It was a beautiful moment. Mainly beautiful, because I found me a new main hairstyle. Seriously, I now rock the sock bun at least 3x per week. It seems a bit hard at first but my advice is…KEEP TRYING! It took me awhile too, and I have lots of annoying layers.

Follow the directions below…

photo cred: my gorgeous bf who i force to take pics of me…aka james liira


1. Supplies needed- hair elastic, brush & prepared sock. (Cut off the toe of an old sock and then roll it into a donut..nuff said!)

2. Put hair in high pony tail. Place sock 1/3 up pony tail.

3. Begin wrapping hair around sock. I try to do it tight but not too tight. Tight enough that your hair is wrapped around the sock but loose enough for you to spread it out.

4. Start spreading hair around the sock so it resembles a donut. If you have layers that are sticking out the middle of the donut, don’t fret.

5. Roll the donut up your pony tail. It’ll grow bigger as it rolls. If you have loose layers, tuck them underneath.

6. Ta-da! It’s done! No bobby pins required. For reals.

7. Isn’t she a beauty…(I’m referring to the sock bun, not myself…that would be weird)

8. Have fun with it. Wear it on the right. Wear it on the left. Wear it up high. Wear it down low. And remember…wear it with confidence. Some people may stare, some people may laugh…haters gon hate.

Go forth & rock that sock…bun.

over & out,