I gone and done it…got my eyes checked that is…this afternoon to be exact. Now, what does this have to do with New Years Eve attire? Patience, child.

I went to the eye doctor because I’m getting old. My eyes just ain’t what they used to be.

Fun fact about yours truly…I’m partially blind in one eye…I have two scars from this crazy disease I got as a child. The disease is usually found in new born babies & cats. I got it when I was about 9….weird I know. Anyways, the disease attacked my retina and left me with two massive scars that made my left eye pretty much blind. My other eye has taken over my main vision and has been pretty much perfect…except I can’t really read the tv listings and driving at night is a wee bit sketchy…so I went to the eye doctor a year and a half ago to get a prescription. I then got some sweet, ridiculous glasses at a store downtown…today I found out that they messed up my prescription and I’ve been wearing the wrong glasses for two years. Yep. TWO YEARS.

Well moving on…(I promise, I’m getting to New Years Eve attire), at the eye doctor’s today I had a thought… WHAT ON EARTH AM I GOING TO WEAR TOMORROW NIGHT! So I did what I always do when I  have a fashion question…I texted my bff, Rachel. But at that exact moment my eyes were beginning to dilate. aka my pupils were going all crazy town and it looked like I was on some serious drugs. If you’ve ever had your eyes dilated you’ll know you can’t see real well, i.e. can’t read your phone. So I had to get James to read my texts from Rachel and I would type back (yay for blackberry keyboards! betcha couldn’t type blindly with an iphone).

At the end of our texting conversation we had reached the conclusion that 1. I was an idiot for waiting so long to plan my nye outfit. 2. I’d probably just have to scrounge something up from my own closet…

I’m going to a small dinner party with friends. The requirement for my outfit is simple. SEQUINS. Thankfully, I have a few sequin lovelies but if I had more time I’d defs save up for one of these sweet numbers…

all outfits can be found at my pinterest !

What are your NYE plans? and more importantly, what are you going to wear?

Hope you get your sequin on!