So I’m all moved into the new home….yipeeeeee!

I seriously love this place. Like…really, really love this place.

It’s located right near Beacon Hill Park & Cook Street Village (Both a 2 minute walk away!!)

My absolute favourite part is the lovely deck (which is quite large) that’s off the bedroom. 

It also has a view of the park!!

So I’ve been unpacking & setting up like a mad woman. Can’t believe MY HUSBAND will be moving in, in 17 days!!! The bedroom is covered with all my clothes. I’ve already taken up the entire closet…oh my. I’m currently sleeping on the hide-a-bed in the living room until we can purchase a bed!

We have been absolutely blessed by loved ones. SERIOUSLY, INCREDIBLY BLESSED!! We basically have a full stocked kitchen thanks to our amazing family & friends! 

My momma fulfilled a HUGE HUGE dream of mine by giving us a KITCHENAID MIXER!!!! OMGEEEE!!!!! I screamed very loudly when I found out. And it’s mint green :) Can’t wait to bake up some fall goodies next month! THANKS MUM!!!

And the Espresso Machine beside it made me scream as well! ha. Huge blessing from my good friend Alyssa and her lovely family. THANK YOU GUYS!!! 

Tonight I’m having some girls over for a crafterevening! wooohooo, it seems like the next 17 days will be filled with these..but man, oh man, am I ever excited to marry James.

Last night we had a date night and it was incredible. Can’t believe I get to do life with this amazing man…I’m seriously the luckiest girl on the planet :)

One of the hardest things is saying goodnight to him & seeing him drive off! Can’t believe in SEVENTEEN days that’ll be no more…!!!!!

Until then I have this roommate to keep me company..

he’s a fox. if you want to purchase one, let me know! It was gifted to me by my BFF Rachel!  

She made it. She’s incredible. Nuff said.

ok, off to buy craft supplies!