Hope you are enjoying the new look of the blog…I’m trying to learn html to make it more user friendly! 

Just stopping in to say hi…and i’m alive. I’m deep in the wedding planning jungle but remaining relatively calm.

James & I have become great list takers. I have lists & lists of things to do. Every time I complete them, I reward myself…whether it’s a 30 second dance party or a kiss on the cheek from my love. Rewards are good.

Tonight we’re having dinner at James’ parents house…his lovely sister Joy has arrived back from Hillsong Australia for the wedding…woohooo! Then after I’m going to see my florist…yaaaay! Then more wedding planning..but at least I get to do most of these things with my favourite person in the world. :)

And here is something that makes me REALLY HAPPY….SUNSHINE ON AUGUST 24th HIP-HIP-HOORAY!!!!!