Life Tip…Use the proper amount of baking powder.

Ever wish you could go into the past and prevent yourself from doing something stupid? Yeah, I wish I could too. If I were to write me a letter to me yesterday this is what it would say…

Dear me yesterday,

Don’t, I repeat don’t…bake cupcakes without the correct amount of baking powder. I know you really don’t want to run to the store again but those cupcakes are not going to rise without that little magic man, they’ll be dense and not as awesome as you want them to be. Yes, you can cover them up with delicious strawberry-lemonade cream cheese frosting..but they’ll still be dense little suckers. Don’t skimp out on the baking powder. EVER.

Love your slightly wiser self,


In other news…IT WAS THE WEEKEND! I actually had two days off! TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW! Yes, that’s right, I didn’t work at my other job (the sales one, not the church) this weekend and it was deeeee-light-fullllll. I got to go to the beach (twice!). And I did a bunch of wedding stuff…on Saturday night a bunch of my amazing girlfriends gathered and made these babies…

I’ll be posting a DIY on these later this week! They’re going to be part of our centrepieces.. a lot of work, but easy to make! Thank you to all my wonderful friends who came out and helped!!! 

Another sweet, sweet highlight of this gorgeous weekend was having a picnic with my man…I cannot wait to marry him in 88 days <———-(eeeeeeeeee!!)

We also found his wedding jacket! AND picked out all our wedding songs…!

This week we’re getting our invites printed….they’re adorable… :)

I’d also go back to Saturday and tell myself to smile in this picture…

(i’m wearing- BCBG hat, BCBG blouse, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag)

Happy Monday :)