I’ve slept in a twin bed my whole life. It’s never bothered me because I don’t really move when I sleep..ok sometimes I toss and turn..especially when I’m trying to go to sleep on an air mattress at 2am in a gym after a very spiritually exhausting day all the while the boys on the other side of the gym decide to have a full tribal dance including stomping and clapping…but that’s another story.

Usually I sleep very well. I love to sleep, like really, really love to sleep so choosing duvets, pillows, shams & sheets gets me right riled up… Here are a few that are catching my eye…

ahhhh kinda unimaginable that in less than 3 months..I’ll have my HUSBAND to sing me lullabies!

1 // // 3 // 4

I have the next two days OFF. COMPLETELY OFF. I’m seriously freaking out because two days off in a row are few and far between…Just spent the last two hours dying coffee filters for my coffee filter flowers centre pieces! (I’m having a wedding craft night with my girls tomorrow..soo excited)

Off to the beach!! boooyah!