There’s something incredibly powerful about a couple thousand teenagers singing and dancing their guts out. Arms raised, eyes closed, singing praises to the King of kings.

This makes my heart sparkle to the extreme…

I am seriously blessed. I serve as a youth leader at City Youth and I get to hang out with the most amazing teens. This past weekend we went to Historymaker. It was my 5th year going to this incredible conference and this year our Church took the biggest group that I have seen in the past 5 years. 86 youth and leaders ventured out for a grand adventure on May 20th at 11am.

Now taking that many people across the ocean, highways & farmlands to stinky poo town (Abbotsford) is kind of a crazy thing. Of course we had to rely on God to pull off some miracles. As of Thursday morning (less than 24 hours we were due to depart) we did not have a second bus driver…but the Lord provided in His timing a wonderfully, lovely couple to drive the girls bus. Yes, you heard right. We had a seperate girls and guys bus. At first some teens were mad, but then they got over it in thirty seconds and realized how awesome it was to have seperate buses.


The girls quickly realized that they could sing Justin Bieber as loud as they wanted without anyone caring and that the smell generally stayed a lot fresher than the boys bus. The boys probably realized that no girls meant they could wrestle as much as they wanted.

So away we went to the lovely land of Abbotsford…(I may be biased but I’m pretty figgin happy I live in Victoria). We slept on the floor in a classroom at Summit. We showered in limited showers (four showers for all the girls staying in the classrooms). I mastered washing my hair in the sink of the handicapped washroom. Our bowels suffered from eating mad amounts of fast food. But it was SO worth it.

Saturday night of the conference especially touched my heart. It was a time for me personally that I experienced a whole new level in worship. Leeland was leading worship. (If don’t know LEELAND, look em up, THEY’RE INCREDIBLE!) Amazing time of worship followed by great message from Phil Dooley followed by AMAZING Holy Spirit filled prayer/worship times. I had the honour of praying over my small group girls. Because I was such a mess up in high school it makes my heart sparkle immensely to see teens really rise up and live the life God has called them to.

I just want to encourage all of yall who went to Historymaker to not forget the words/promises/visions that the Lord spoke to you there. Sometimes it’s easy to experience a huge change in life and then go back to school questioning if it really happened, if you can really live a different way when you get back home. The answer is YES. It did happen. Live like you’re called because YOU ARE CALLED! Live with purpose and passion because He has placed purpose and passion in you. STAND STRONG in His strength.

Love you to the moon and back,