No other characters make my heart sparkle more than the muppets.

Seriously. Look at them.

Those guys. How can one not fall in love with Kermit’s gentility? Or not crack a smile at Fozzie Bear’s puns? Or not want to raid Miss Piggy’s closet? And isn’t Gonzo one of the coolest things you know? And that weird girl in the band who you can’t really tell if it’s a boy or girl..ya, only love for her/him too. And Beaker..oh, precious Beaker. (FYI my man does a pretty impressive Beaker face)

I have loved the Muppets ever since I was a little girl. I remember smiling silly while watching old reruns of The Muppets show on YTV. I even got hooked on The Muppet Babies. My absolute favourite Christmas movie is A Muppet Family Christmas. The Muppet Christmas Carol is a close second. Muppets From Space is simply AMAZEBALLS. (My favourite TV actor Matthew Gray Gubler once said that his greatest acting aspiration is to work with the Muppets and if he could pick anyone in the world to play himself, he would hire Gonzo)

So when I heard last year that Jason Segel wrote a Muppets movie, I almost peed my pants. Pretty sure I jumped up and down and did a little dance. Well the year has flown by and The Muppets comes out today!!! Unfortunately I can’t go tonight but I’m going on Sunday…..SO EXCITED. (Trailer)

Here’s some Muppet love to brighten up your Wednesday…

Muppet Cake Pops…

Muppet meets OPI…my gosh…

I picked up that little Kermie in California earlier this year at Disneyland. It was on sale for $6..steal!

Images via my pinterest.

Are you a Muppet lover? Which one makes your heart sparkle the most?

over & out,