dearest diary,

ya ya, i know what you’re going to say…why do you have pumpkins on this post, when clearly October is soo over and Christmas is AMONG US!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS! I’m just not entirely ready for fall to be over yet. Fall has been packed to the brim. And I haven’t really had a moment to reflect on it.

So here it is…Goodbye fall. You were an amazing song that finished before I could fully soak you up.

Here are a couple highlights….

THANKSGIVING- made my first turkey! (well stuffed it and put in the oven) Was able to gobble down 2 amazing dinners.

6 MONTH- October marked the 6 month anniversary of my relationship with my amazing moG. The sixth month was probably the hardest so far. A lot of pain but so much growth. Everyday I am just in awe of how good God is. He truly knows exactly what his children need. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better suited boyfriend for me. And take a look at the flowers that James surprised me with at my work. (Take note boys…GIRLS LOVE RECEIVING FLOWERS)

My crappy shots didn’t do a bit of justice. The flowers were UNREAL. 12 lilies, 3 roses, hydrangeas, & pretty purple things. Man, I love my man.


ADORE CONFERENCE- Words cannot really describe how amazing Nov. 11-13th was. What sparked as a conversation in February erupted into one amazing conference in November. It was our very first year hosting Adore Conference. I’m not surprised that God blew us all out of the water. There’s something incredibly special about investing your finances, mind, time, heart into 3 full days of pure JESUS. Even though I was working through it, God worked mightily in me. Each service there was something different that captured my heart. God broke my heart completely for a certain person in my life during the Saturday morning worship set. It was as if He was letting me see an ounce of his love for her as her father. Beautiful.

Thank you to our incredible team who worked effortlessly day & night to make it all happen! And thank you to our amazing Pastors Andy & Lisa who pioneered it all. I am truly blessed to serve under such a visionary team.

Just a few other things… date day at Goldstream, Old People/Grilled Cheese Party (YES, THIS REALLY HAPPENED), poncho making (DIY coming soon!)… life is amazing.

stay gold,