31 days.

One month.


31 days until I’m his wife….

Our engagement has flown by. It felt like eternity at the beginning. Even two months to go felt further than I could imagine. But 31 days. That is within grasp….and I could not be more excited.

I catch myself smiling all the time. James is the most incredible man I know. He is everything I dreamed of and more. I am in awe of God’s incredible grace. I know God is good and gives good gifts but this good? God knew every intricate detail about my soul and has found the one who will take care of the parts that are tender, who will challenge the parts that are stubborn, and who will love the parts that are lonely.

My heart is full. I have found the one whom my soul loves.

I’m currently at Imadene speaking to teen girls about God’s great love for them. It’s an honour & a privilege.

It’s also a sacrifice. I miss James like crazy and he misses me.

But praise the Lord, one sweet, beautiful, precious girl accepted Christ as her Savior last night. And it’s only Tuesday…praying for many, many more salvations!