It’s been a little busy round here the past week. I apologize for the no posting! And I’ll apologize in advance that I’ll probably won’t be posting next week either…ok I most definitely won’t be posting. I’m heading up to Nanoose Bay Teen Camp, where I’ll be getting my butt kicked on the sports field by day and my heart filled in the chapel by night. So excited to see what God has in store for the kids! The possibilities are endless.

I’m also currently finishing sermons for Imadene Teen Girls Camp (which is directly after Nanoose!) Would love your prayers for that! Pray that God would move in incredible ways! Pray for girls to come to know Jesus for the first time!!

ok, i best be going. but here are a few of my current instas. Yes, I have instagram. No, I don’t have an iphone. Don’t expect a lot of posts…but perhaps I’ll borrow my friend’s and post the occasional one or two!

Follow me here http://ink361.com/laurasilletta (if you don’t have an iphone) or follow my insta name- laurasilletta



ps. 6 WEEKS + 1 DAY PEOPLE!!! till I marry the most incredible man on the planet!eeeeeeep :)