one year ago today a very handsome man tricked me into going to an old barn on a friend’s property to grab a rain jacket he had left behind. little did i know he was leading me down a path that would drastically change the course of my life.

we entered the barn. 

sparkling lights, burning candles, cranes hanging from the ceiling

oh, how my heart was racing out of control.

he sat me down, picked up a guitar and started singing. after he finished the song, he walked over slowly, got down on one knee, said incredibly beautiful words, got out a beautiful sparkly diamond and asked me to marry him.

i said yes and yes, it’s still the best decision that i’ve ever made (besides saying yes to Jesus)

one year later and we’re 7 months into our marriage. 

every day is an adventure and a gift. i am so blessed to call this man my husband.

i sure love you james peter liira.

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