DIARY // DONE!!!!!!!

james & i finished our hebrews course last night….BOOOOOOYAAAAAAAHHHH! ok, it may not seem like a big deal but to us IT’S A BIG DEAL…it’s the start of a journey and getting over the first mountain wasn’t so bad. i’m excited to start my next course and continue this journey, remembering to walk, not run.

we leave on our usa roadtrip in 16 days… 16 DAYS… cannot wait to hit that open road, not to mention..COACHELLA & DISNEYLAND…be still my heart.

james is currently painting some of our furniture gold. THANK YOU LORD JESUS that you gave me a husband who approves my love of gold. gold on gold on gold on gold. we’re hoping to spruce up our living room, slowly but surely. one day we will find our dream couch (for a good price, in Jesus’ name!)

i’m pretty freaking excited that it’s Easter weekend this weekend!! can’t wait to spend time celebrating that CHRIST HAS RISEN! i’m especially excited for our sunrise service which is happening sunday at 6:30am…it’s pretty incredible to sing songs of praise to Jesus as the sun is rising up over our beautiful city. i’m also excited to spend time with our families this weekend, birthday/easter dinners are the best.

ok and one more rant here…how beautiful is the weather we’re experiencing!!? sands flashing sign reads 18 degrees right now…18! we haven’t had to turn our heat on since sunday…ohhh summer, i cannot wait for you.

hope you’re enjoying this beautiful sunshine :)