started writing this post last week on Wednesday but then the week got away from me! blerg…

oh wow. did last weekend even happen?

i have been bunkered down with sickness for the past two days…not fun! after such an incredible weekend, and an insane month, my body shut down. i also found myself with a not so great attitude, making me not really a joy to be around. yesterday afternoon i finally realized that it was probably an attempt from the devil to get me down after such a fabulous weekend, so i got up off the couch, apologized to james and rose up from the funk. God is good!

And yes, last weekend happened. God showed up, and Holy moments happened that only He could orchestrate. it was absolutely incredible.

to be honest i expected about 170 girls to register. we had only ordered 200 bracelets but God went above and beyond and brought 250 girls out, bringing up our registrations from last year’s 140 to 250 (over 100 new girls!!!). AND over half the girls were first time girls to illuminate…yay!!

there was a lot of screaming. there was a lot of smiling. there was a lot of dancing. there was a lot of girls being girls. my heart sparkled.

my heart for illuminate is always that girls would come in and be encouraged, equipped and empowered. my heart is that they would know that God loves them like crazy and that he has a plan for their life. my heart is that they would come in and feel comfortable to be the girl that God created them to be. my heart is that they would leave knowing that Jesus is there for them, in every situation they face. my heart is that they would leave smiling ear to ear. that they would be excited to live the adventure that God has for the. 

here are a few instagrams from the weekend…


i stole this pic from kim moran (who spoke saturday night and absolutely inspired every single person in the building!!!!) during the opener every girl was given a balloon and at a pinnacle moment, every girl released her balloon. immediately after balloons started falling from the ceiling.


my beautiful, brave friend, bg, shared her story how God met her while she battled cancer.


the incredible helen burns came to speak! this woman has inspired me for years! (i first heard her when i was 18 at hillsong church in london). it was such a blessing to have her pour out her heart and wisdom over the girls.


this incredible photo is from our closer. chenoah sang a song she wrote & then alicia key’s girl on fire. the girls went mental. seriously, that was my most favourite moment of the conference.

so overall it was an incredible weekend.

God is sooooo good.