we celebrated valentines day on wednesday (because we were at city youth on thursday).

james cooked me a delicious thai dish then we ventured out to get some frozen yogurt and watched a movie downtown.

we get home and i enter the bedroom and BOOM there are candles lit EVERYWHERE, like tons and tons of candles. my mind was boggled as i wondered how on earth he had gotten all those candles lit when i was with him for the past three hours prior. turns out he hid our key and our friend (who lives in the same apartment as us with his lovely wife) steve came in while we were at the movie and lit all of them! (thanks steve!!)

i was incredible surprised. my man knows how to plan incredible romantic surprises.

little did i know he had another surprise up his sleeve. that day he had secretly edited our HONEYMOON VIDEO! i screamed in delight when he showed it to me. ahhhhh take me back to the beach!


J&L Honeymoon! from James Liira on Vimeo.

it was even better than it looks. seriously.