the day has finally come…we’re down to SINGLE DIGITS people…did you hear me? SINGLE DIGITS aka 9 sleeps until I marry James P. Liira….boooooyah!

my house (ours in 9 days) is a mess. craft vomit everywhere. there is a mountain of poms in the “office”, the dining room is my tissue dying station, the deck is my gold spray paint section & don’t even get me started on the living room…which is where i’m also currently sleeping..

last night Rachel started the boutonnieres..and they’re amazing! she’s also sewing all the guys bow ties…INCREDIBLE GIRL RIGHT THURRRR.

tonight we have our final pre-marital counselling and tomorrow is my last day in the office….i’m off for 3 weeks!

my mind is here…but it’s also on Mexico & LA…..

can’t wait to make this dream come true…

till next time,