my goodness.

i have a serious case of bride brain. if you know me, you know that i’m a fairly organized person. i’m an activator aka i get things done. (as you know from yesterday) i make lists. my mind is usually on it.

but in the past couple days a freaking, annoying fog seems to have seeped into my membrane. i’m forgetting things. i have never lost my keys..ever. but yesterday while running errands, i get to my car and discover, no keys, no cell phone. thankfully i left them at the till at the grocery store. i get home late last night and put my groceries on the kitchen floor (because i have to pee like a race horse) knowing i’ll put them in the fridge once my bladder was emptied. i wake up and guess what? groceries still on the ground.

though my lunch hours consist of fitting in as many errands as i can, though every single evening is planned out down to the hour, though i feel as if my brain might explode…

i’m enjoying this insanity. i really am. i’m not forgetting that in 10 days (YEAH 10 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!)…i get to marry this dreamboat..

so tell me wifeys..did you ever have a case of bride brain? what are your remedies?

till next time,