I still need to tell you all about our Tofino adventure! I have some fun pics of our camping set up and we actually did some filming so who knows, maybe we'll make a recap video?? Those posts will be coming later though because today I need to tell you about an incredible restaurant in Tofino...WOLF IN THE FOG.

If you're in Tofino, you must make a stop at Wolf in the Fog. My bro and sister in law first told me about it awhile back. Because of their (& many others) recommendation, we decided to eat at it on our last morning before our drive home. My only regret is not going to it for dinner as well. OHMAHGOSH it was soooo good.

Their lunch menu is pretty small but did not disappoint. James had the albacore tuna melt and I had the special which consisted of sausage, egg, bacon deliciousness...that gravy and whatever they put on the egg...#drooling...

I've heard it's a crazy busy restaurant but we arrived around 11am post Canada day to a very dead restaurant, which was great for photos...lol! 

At lunch they only open their downstairs area and patio but the super nice waitress let me wander upstairs and check out the dining area...AMAZING. It has a mega huge bar and some cute lounging space along with many tables and an outdoor deck. That driftwood wolf at the top of this post is located upstairs....what a piece of art!

The whole place has crazy good vibes with amazing staff. I will definitely be going back there to check out their dinner! If you're in Tofino, do not miss this place!

More Tofino posts to come...