you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

i have always hated that saying because firstly, i love cake. secondly, of course i can own a cake and then eat it, it’s my freaking cake. but then i wikipedia-ed the saying and read this "it can be used to say that one cannot or should not have or want more than one deserves or can handle, or that one cannot or should not try to have two incompatible things.”

i learned that this was a little bit true last night. i like to have a lot on my plate. i’m obsessed with multitasking. the only time i can just sit and watch a movie is when i’m in a theatre and they force me to put away my glowing phone (sorry!). if i’m at home, you can make sure i’ll be painting my nails, texting, pinning, etc…all while watching a movie. i also like to do everything with excellence…aka i’m kind of a perfectionist…

so last night, i started the re-haul of my blog. i’m planning on doing a MAJOR reno. i signed up for the hosting site & downloaded their templates and started playing around. my goodness, it was so stressful. sooo stressful. i practically bit all my nails off (my coping mechanism) and was a total wreck when james got home. i realized that in this circumstance, i couldn’t have my cake and eat it too.

i realized last night that i had a bit too much on my plate. there was no way i could enter the busiest season of my church (work + volunteering) life, finish my distance ed class, AND reno my blog. oh and don’t forget about Jesus time, marriage, family, coco + fitness.

so i’m putting the blog reno on hold for now. sorry about the plain look of everything, but it’s going to be that way till i finish the summit course and until conference is done. i will continue blogging as much as i can though!


thanks for reading!!