Treadmill tips for the attention deficit!!!

Ok, so I know I've bragged about Victoria's mild climate but this whole polar vortex visited us last week and I'm not too pleased about it. We were hit with -5 degree weather and some places got a bunch of snow! We didn't get any snow but I didn't really want to run outside in crazy windy, ice rain, -5 thank you.

In those times I go to my last resort ...the treadmill. I've had a pass for the y since December but this Friday will mark my last day until it gets freezing cold again (hopefully next December). I mainly use it to run safely when it's pitch black outside and during torrential down pour. But the thing is, I HATE TREADMILLS. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. Like (probably) all people, I run way faster and longer outside. I'm more free outside, like a killer whale in the ocean...(ok sidenote, I just watched the documentary, Blackfish...scariest thing ever. Orca's should not be in captivity!)  

Enough with killer whales though...the truth is, I get hella bored on a treadmill. Especially when I run over 20 minutes...who am I kidding? I'm bored after 5 minutes. And I know I'm not alone in this, so I've come up with some tips that I've used to keep me going...


When I'm outside, I usually put on my "work it" playlist. It usually works for me by helping me run faster. There aren't a ton of songs, but that's usually ok because I get distracted by people, dogs, the scenery, etc. Meanwhile on the treadmill, I'm literally counting down the seconds in the songs that I know so well. What usually helps me is going to songza and using one of their workout playlists. They have a bajillion songs. The thing I love about the songza playlist is, it keeps you guessing. Being surprised by an old MJ favourite can do wonders for you on a treadmill. All of a sudden, you have energy to push that last km. Music is amazing.


Now some of you may not be podcast people but for those of you who are, listening to a podcast is a great way of distracting you. Podcasts have the magical ability to take my mind off the run. I usually listen to Pastor Steven Furtick because he's the bomb. 


The great thing about treadmills is having a personal water bottle holder. I always keep a water bottle (does anyone else find the gym extremely dry?). A towel to wipe sweat would be a good idea too (I haven't gotten around to taking a towel with me, but every time I wish I did!)


I found a great treadmill workout a couple months back and used it until THE Y CHANGED ALL THEIR MACHINES TO KMs. It was very annoying. I know we're in Canada and all but I was used to miles so I haven't done the workout for a few weeks but when I did do it, the time flew by. You can find some treadmill workouts on this pinterest board of mine.


And my absolute favourite tip is...pretend you're racing the people beside you. It makes your run very fun. I try to outlast the people beside me and if they get off before me, I fake celebrate that I beat them in the race. I know it sounds crazy but it works for me.


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Thankfully our weather is turning around and getting a lot warmer so I won't be resorting to treadmills anymore! How about you? I'd love to know what keeps you on the treadmill. Share your tips below!