I snapped that pic of roses when I was at the Root Cellar on Sunday. Pastel roses are my fave. (FYI it took me 5 tries to write out fave, dang autocorrect kept changing it to have...)

While we're on the topic of roses, I want to be someone who takes times to smell the roses. Right now I find myself in a very full season. In the next two weeks I have a distance course due and my first half marathon. 

Last Saturday, I kinda hurt my back on my run. It was really stupid, I went too hard on a long run without the week of hard training behind me. I have a massage on Thursday and I'm going to train a bit smarter before the big race but ahhhhh. It made me realize, I can't do it all. As much as I want to, I just can't. 

So the next two weeks I'll be a little MIA. And I hate that when I get "busy" the first thing that suffers, is this blog. This place has always been a creative release for me. I love writing. I love making graphics. I love curating cute things. But I have to remind myself that blogging is not my full time job and I'm ok with that. (I think if it was my full time job, I'd go a little crazy…) I have to remind myself that education is important, and I want to do well. My health is important. My job is important. My marriage is important. Making time for my family is important. Taking time to smell the roses is important. My walk with Jesus is important.


So I'll still be posting, just maybe not on the usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. It won't be a ghost town round here. I do have some one word posts coming up from some pretty fantastic people, so be excited for that! And after May 25th, my life will be a bit less hectic, so I'll be able to get back to a posting schedule and get back to diy-ing, makeup tutorials, wardrobe shoots, BOOYAH. And then next month I'll be at ALT where I know I'm going to come back so inspired for this space.


I want to thank you for continuing to read this blog. Your encouraging comments and your messages mean so much to me. Like, seriously, so much to me.  

love you to the moon & back,