Well today I have a special treat for you. I have the first male to post about his one word for 2014! Today I introduce you to Elijah. I've had the pleasure of knowing Elijah (or Jah as I like to call him) for the past four years. Over the four years I have seen him grow in his walk with Jesus and it has made my heart sparkle. He is an incredible guy and God has so much in store for him!! Ok, take it away JAH...

Hello all! My name is Elijah, I'm an intern at Glad Tidings, as well as a worship leader at city youth. I'm so unbelievably blessed to know Laura and James. I have loved reading all these one word posts so much that I was inspired to write my own!

I know what you are all thinking...Woah first time hearing from a man on the blog! Heck ya!! Monumental moment right here!

I couldn't decide on just one word, I had to go with two, my words are TRUST, and PERSEVERANCE!

In this new year I didn't have any New Years resolutions, other than to loose weight (who hasn't thought that one) but on New Year's Eve I prayed to God. I asked him to change my life this year. And I found out that He had something so amazing planned that I didn't see coming at all. This year has already been a very unexpected journey through some very rough roads, and I'm still surviving, but nothing could have prepared me for any of it.

God planted two amazing men into my life, who have inspired me, and helped me start to grow into the man God wants me to be. Although things seemed to be looking bright, the enemy was still gripping onto me. I found myself still looking at the negative, because of the lack of trust that I put in God and the lack of trust I had for these men.

I was either at an extreme high, or an extreme low every other day, it was very unhealthy, and I was leaning too much on these two men, and not enough on God, which is so dangerous. These two men continued to walk with me and encourage me, and give me advice that was always trying to get me to focus my eyes onto God. But I continued to stare at my past, and in result, I became stagnant. I stayed in this place of turmoil, of self hatred, and self doubt. Everyone around me was screaming a different story at me, speaking truths, and covering me with not only their love, but God's love, but the enemy had boxed my ears and covered my eyes and spoke lies into me making my trust in God fade even more.

God doesn't want that for any of his children. He doesn't want to see us in pain. He is always right behind us and he's always waiting for us to smell his sweet fragrance or hear his voice, and remember that we can turn around and fall into his arms.

Through out my pain, and struggles, I always asked why? Why God, why do I have to hurt? Why do I have to keep failing? And the answer was so simple... The answer was trust. Trust that his plans are better than my own, trust that he is using these hard times to grow me, and that he has huge plans for me; that these test and trials are to help me not hinder me.

A verse that comes to mind is tattooed on one of these lovely men it's Psalm 37:3-4  

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

 I'm only just starting to realize how if I place all my trust in God and his plans for me, how beautiful the ending to my story could be!!! And that's where the perseverance comes in, I'm still going to face trials, and still face hardships, but I have to trust God through it all, and persevere and remember his promises to me.

That's about all I can say for now, my prayer is that God will use these words to inspire whomever reads this, and my prayer is that my Trust in him will never fail, and that through all of this perseverance becomes my best friend!

Thank you so much for reading!!

Thank you so much Elijah for sharing! Your words have blessed me and I know they are going to bless others. So stoked on the journey that God is taking you on!!

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stay gold,