Happy July 4th American friends! As I stated last week, it's no secret that I'm a MASSIVE fan of the USA. Just by looking through my wardrobe you can see my great love for your stars and stripes. (I own an american flag bikini, shorts, tank and sweatshirt..lols) 

4th of July clothing

How cute are those shorts? I have pastel ones. Ok, I just had to add that Ban.do scarf again because I love it that much.

1. Topshop Lace Crop Top  |  2. Mac Lipstick  |  3. Topshop Shorts

4. Ban.do Twist Scarf  |  5. Forever 21 Pimsolls


Hope you have a fabulous weekend! We're heading down to CALI tomorrow morning all bright and early! James and some others are attending Bethel Worship School and I will be doing my distance ed course, tanning, running and blogging of course :) I love my job but two weeks off sounds pretty awesome to me!!! Ohhh heeey vaycaaaay!

I'll be blogging from the road but be sure to follow me on instagram as I'm obvs going to be gramming every american treasure that I find!