Summer Running Tips from ssheart

Like my new running shoes??


It's been awhile since I last updated you on my running progress (here's when I ran my first half marathon!) I had been hoping to update you with the news that I've registered for my first marathon and that training is going amazingly...but sadly that's not happening.

I had the high hopes of running a marathon this fall. I know in my heart that I could do it...but this summer is (thankfully) full of adventures and I know that I wouldn't be able to squeeze those 3.5 hour runs in. With a marathon, you have to train smart or else you're going to hurt yourself. So I decided not to be an idiot and just swallow my pride and not complete a marathon this year... :(

BUT I'm still going to register for the half..and I'm excited to try to beat my time of 2:08 ! I'll get you next time, full marathon.

So when I was in Redding, I managed to run a number of times. Our house was 1km away from a trail that was along the Sacramento River. The trail was pretty nice (nothing compared to what this Vancouver Island girl is used to!!) We had to go pretty early as it got very hot very quickly there.

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Summer Running Tips from

Here we are super sweaty after our first run in the heat.


It's good to be back running in BC..can I get an amen for fresh air and ocean breezes? But it can still get hot in the sunshine, so I have a few tips for you. (Remember I am NOT an expert, these are only my personal opinions!)


I brought water with me on every run in Redding and I was so thankful! If it's hot, you're going to be sweating A LOT and you need to put that moisture back in you!! (I use something like this to carry my water in.) If you hate bringing a water bottle or a running belt, make sure you run where there are frequent water fountains because no one wants to pass out in the middle of a run...yikes.


I make this mistake way too often. I think it's chilly outside so I wear capris and a t-shirt and then 1km in, the sun is blasting on me and I'm sooo sweaty. I prefer loose clothing when I run. My go to summer running outfit consists of this tank and these shorts. That tank top was worth every penny. Honestly, it's so loose and free and feels like you don't have anything on, but you do, so it's awesome...ha.


I don't know about you, but my summer schedule is quite PACKED. Between beach days and vacations and things happening around town, there isn't a ton of spare time. So scheduling my runs in advance is a must do for me. I like to keep it old school and write my runs down in my agenda but you can download a running plan on Runkeeper and send it to your ical!


So those are my top 3 summer running tips. I'd love to hear your advice on running in the summer time! Let me know in the comment section.

Hope you have a fabulous my hunk of burning love turns 25...make sure you wish him a happy birthday!!!  LOVE YOU JAMES xoxo


stay gold,