When I told people I was going down to California for two weeks, they usually responded, "Ohhhh, lucky!!" I would quickly assure them that it wasn't like that. We weren't going to Disneyland, we weren't going to the ocean, we weren't going to a metropolis.

No, we were going to Redding, California.

Northern California. Inland. Population, 90,000.

Now don't get me wrong, Redding has some things going for it...Bethel (OBVS), In & Out Burger (ok, that's enough for me to consider moving..), Water Works Park (check out James & Tim on the Avalanche!!) and Sundial Bridge. 

I discovered Sundial Bridge on one of my long runs. The scenery wasn't mind blowing (I live in Victoria, so I'm pretty spoiled), but I was pretty stoked to run across it! I knew I wanted James to see it, so we went back on our last night there. Beautiful skies & warm evening weather. It was the perfect end to our trip.

The bugs were a little chaotic so we couldn't stay for long but James managed to catch some awesome shots...including Chenoah and I with NO MAKEUP (and sunburnt, ha!). When it started to get dark, the bridge lit up! Pretty cool move Redding, pretty cool move.

It's good to be home. I'm still processing everything that happened there but I'm also throwing myself into everything that's happening here. I'll definitely need to carve out some Jesus time to go over my notes and reflect on all that God did in Redding.

Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday.